Awards and Achievements

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Fulbright Award

Assist. Prof. Dr. Martin Gazvoda is a Recipient of Fulbright Award to the United States. As a Fulbright grantee, Dr. Gazvoda is conducting advanced research study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with Professor Stephen L. Buchwald (2020). 

The Zois Certificate of Recognition

The Zois Certificate of Recognition is conferred to researchers in the Republic of Slovenia for their achievements and lasting contribution to scientific, research and development activities in the Republic of Slovenia. In 2018 the Zois Certificate of Recognition is awarded to Professor Dr. Janez Košmrlj.

Excellent in Science (Slovenian Research Agency)

Excellent in Science is a project carried out by the Slovenian Research Agency as part of agency’s endeavours to promote science. The project presents a selection of most prominent achievements from the past year.

In 2018 it was awarded to Professor Dr. Janez Košmrlj for the "Redefinition of an Important Catalytic Reaction Mechanism". View Article

In the years of 2014 and 2016 it was awarded to Professor Dr. Janez Cerkovnik for the "Recent Advances in the Chemistry of Hydrogen Trioxide (HOOOH)" (2014) and for the developmentt of "A Simple and Efficient Preparation of High-Purity HydrogenTrioxide " (2016,View Article).


Ana Siljanovska: University Prešeren Prize for Students (2020, mentor Janez Košmrlj)

Miha Virant: Krka Grand Prize (2020, mentor Janez Košmrlj)

Tjaša Pavčnik: Krka Prize (2020, mentor Janez Košmrlj)

Uroš Vezonik: Krka Prize (2020, mentor Janez Košmrlj)

Rok Marinič Podbršček: Krka Prize (2020, mentor Martin Gazvoda)

Ines Kalušić: Krka's recognition with special praise (2020, mentor Janez Košmrlj)

Tisa Ževart: Krka's recognition (2020, mentor Martin Gazvoda)

Tjaša Podlogar: Krka's recognition (2020, mentor Martin Gazvoda)

Marko Gabrovšek: Krka's recognition (2020, mentor Janez Košmrlj)

Neža Drofenik: Krka's recognition (2020, mentor Krištof Kranjc)

Katja Malenšek: Krka's recognition (2020, mentor Martin Gazvoda)

Žan Hribar: Krka Prize for Research Achievements (2019, mentor Janez Košmrlj)

Gregor Strle: Pregl Award for outstanding doctoral thesis "Novel Methods of Dihydrogen Trioxide Preparation and its Use in the Oxidation of Organic Compounds" (2016, mentor Janez Cerkovnik)

Aljoša Bolje: Maks Samec Award for outstanding doctoral thesis "Synthesis and Coordinative Properties of Novel Triazole-based Ligands" (2016, mentor Janez Košmrlj)

Miha Virant: Krka Prize for Research Achievements (2016, mentor Janez Košmrlj)

Gregor Strle: Krka Prize for Research Achievements (2016, mentor Janez Cerkovnik)

Miha Virant: Faculty Prešeren Award for outstanding master thesis (2015, mentor Janez Košmrlj)

Jure Vajs: Krka Prize for Research Achievements (2015, mentor Janez Košmrlj)

Aljoša Bolje: Krka Prize for Special Achievements in Research (2015, mentor Janez Košmrlj)

Cover Illustrations


Organic Letters

July 2, 2020

Volume 22, Issue 13

Pages 4919−5272

About the Cover

Understanding the mechanism of copper-free Sonogashira reaction through a prism of Pd–Pd transmetalation enables its rational design.

View Article

OL_Proton Shuttle.PNG

Organic Letters

March 20, 2020

Volume 22, Issue 6

Pages 2113–2500

About the Cover

Pyridine wingtip of a hemilabile pyridyl-mesoionic carbene ligand, confined to the proximity of the alkynophilic palladium active site, acts as a proton shuttle in catalytic hydroamination of acetylenes.

View Article

Organometallics cover 2019_A.jpg


November 11, 2019

Volume 38, Issue 21

Pages 4051-4372

About the Cover

Cationic chlorido [arene-Ir] and [arene-Os] complexes with bidentate pyridyl-functionalized mesoionic carbenes exhibited high toxicity against tumor cell lines.

View Article


The Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

November 9, 2017

Volume 60, Issue 21

Pages 8681-9096

About the Cover

Extended [18F]FDDNP analogues provide a hope for a sensitive and selective in vivo detection of tauopathies like Alzheimer and many other neurodegenerative diseases.

View Article


Chemical Communications

January 28, 2016
Issue 8
Page 1523-1742

About the Cover

A mesoionic bis(Py-tzNHC) palladium(II) complex catalyses "green" Sonogashira reaction through an unprecedented
mechanism. The system works like a waterproof Swiss watch.

View Article


Angewandte Chemie International Edition

August 17, 2015
Volume 54, Issue 34
Pages 10036-10036

About the cover

A simple and efficient release of HOOOH in a catalyzed transformation of the ozonized dimethylphenylsilane‐derivatized polystyrene bead has been developed.

View Article

Chemistry A Cover.JPG

Chemistry – A European Journal

April 27, 2015
Volume 21, Issue 18
Pages 6963-6963

About the Cover

RuII, OsII, and IrIII complexes of pyridyl–mesoionic carbenes are excellent (pre)catalysts for the transfer hydrogenation of aldehydes and a series of ketones with turnover numbers up to 10 000.

View article


Acta Chimica Slovenica

June 18, 2013

Volume 60, No. 2

Pages 368–374

About the Cover

Diazene-extended Pt-complexes are hybrid compounds with potential dual targeting against tumor cells combining the advantages of diazene and cisplatin or carboplatin structural motifs.

View Article


Editorial Work

Click Triazoles

Janez Košmrlj

Topics in Heterocyclic Chemistry

Series Editors: Maes, Bert, Cossy, Janine, Polanc, Slovenko

Springer, 2012

Chapters written by
Benjamin R. Buckley and Harry Heaney
James D. Crowley and David A. McMorran
Semin Lee and Amar H. Flood
Michael Watkinson
Hak-Fun Chow, Chui-Man Lo, and Yuan Chen
Tianqing Zheng, Sara H. Rouhanifard, Abubakar S. Jalloh, and Peng Wu
S. Mignani, Y. Zhou, T. Lecourt, and L. Micouin

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Acta Chimica Slovenica


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